Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

This article will present you with a list of what we believe is the best value for your hard earned dollars.If you’re ready to upgrade from a beginner acoustics, the best acoustic guitars under $1000 will take your sound and playing experience to the next level. Together with the list we have put together, this should put you on track to compose your favorite songs.

What is the difference between acoustic and classical guitars?

Classical guitars are usually outfitted with nylon strings, whereas most acoustic and all electric guitars come with steel strings, which are ostensibly easier to play on.

Steel stringed acoustic guitars are harder to fret than nylon – strung classical guitars, but there’s more resonance, and the chordplay is a bit easier.

In essence, nylon strings feel gentle, but steel strings will give you the “locking” feel – once you position your fingers on a steel – string guitar, you will feel the tension, and your muscles will, in turn, remember how each chord / note felt.

Acoustic guitars have been around a lot longer than acoustic – electric guitars, but does that make acoustic guitars an easier to play than acoustic

Acoustic electric guitars and acoustic guitars usually cost the same, but if they don’t acoustic guitars can just be a sliver more.

Starting out with an electric guitar is generally more expensive than an acoustic guitar because of the need for an amplifier and other accessories.

Some acoustic – electric guitars come with an equipment package, but most of the time you’re going to have to purchase the equipment separately.

We hope you understand the basic concept of what is acoustic guitar and what is classical this article we will show best acoustic guitar under $1000 in the market now.hope you will choose your best.

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1.Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – Black Bundle with Fender Play Online Lessons, Gig Bag, Tuner, Strings, Strap, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD

  • Full-size steel-string acoustic that offers big sound at a small price
  • All-laminate construction with lindenwood top and mahogany back and sides
  • Scalloped “X”-bracing, mahogany neck and a durable dark-stained maple fingerboard
  • Slim, easy-to-play neck
  • Full-bodied dreadnought tone

This Fender Squier guitar is a full-size steel-string acoustic that offers big sound and maximum affordability. It’s strong enough to stand up to the everyday use (and abuse) that beginning players might throw its way thanks to its all-laminate construction with lindenwood top and mahogany back and sides.

This guitar also features scalloped “X”-bracing, mahogany neck and a durable dark-stained maple fingerboard to give you an instrument that looks as good as it sounds. With its slim, easy-to-play neck and full-bodied dreadnought tone, this guitar is an ideal choice for all rookie strummers.

Fender Play is the complete learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. Play your first song in minutes with easy, fun, bite-sized lessons, featuring your favorite songs.

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2.YMC 38″ Coffee Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Student Guitar With Gig Bag,Strap, 3 Thickness 9 Picks,2 Pickguards,Pick Holder, Extra Strings, Electronic Tuner -Coffee

  • Perfect for Beginners and Students.Complete 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar Set in Coffee,Great gloss finish.
  • Linden Binding and Full Wood Construction with Chrome Geared Tuning.
  • The steel string Guitar is perhaps the most versatile and common Guitar type and is featured in many different styles of music including Country, Jazz, and Rock.
  • The set includes:YMC 38″ Acoustic Guitar;Gig Bag;Guitar Strap;Pitch Pipe;9pcs ABS Picks(0.46mm 3pcs,0.72mm 3pcs,1.0mm 3pcs);Pick Holder(color maybe vary);2 Pickguards: Teardrop Shape(maybe already stick on guitar),and Hummingbird;A Full Set of Extra Strings(A set of 6 strings: E1,B2,G3,D4,A5,E6),and extra 2 thin strings (E1,B2);Electronic Tuner.Available in a variety of colors:Black,Blue,Coffee,Natural,Pink,Sunburst.
  • Please note: Acoustic guitars come standard with only one strap pin – at the heel of the lower bout. Although a second strap pin can be easily installed by any qualified guitar technician, it is not necessary in order to use a guitar strap. You could tie it around the neck, above the nut, at the headstock. There are many helpful instructions on the web as well.

This beautiful YMC 38″ Coffee Acoustic Guitar set is ideal for the beginning student.The 38-Inch Acoustic Guitar is a small-scale acoustic guitar that is not only affordable,but designed with the beginner player in mind. The smaller size makes it great for children or those with a smaller build,and the dreadnought body has the looks and feel beloved by some of the greatest guitarists around.

The Acoustic Guitar has a loud and bright ringing tone that clearly projects to the listener.The steel string Guitar is perhaps the most versatile and common Guitar type and is featured in many different styles of music including Country, Jazz, and Rock.
This steel string YMC Guitar is 38 inches in length and has a wood frame.

The Guitar also features linden binding and chrome geared tuning,easy of tuning and to keep the tuned strings held in position.this best acoustic guitars under $1000 you can buy it from belove links.
This Acoustic Guitar set also features everything you need to get started with your Guitar.

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3.YAMAHA FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

  • The perfect first guitar; Combining quality woods and outstanding tone at an outstanding value
  • Solid spruce top with Nato (Eastern Mahogany) back & sides
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • The acoustic guitars need a professional setup out of the box to achieve the player’s preferences

Let’s look at some of the materials & measurements of the Yamaha FD01S. It has a solid spruce top (that means not laminate) that measures 3mm thick. The grain on my Yamaha FD01 measures11 grains per inch. A spruce top with 10 – 14 grains per inch is considered to be pretty good, while less than 10 is “lower grade” quality. Tonewoods are rated by tightness of grain, stiffness, and appearance (coloring, streaks, wavyness of grain).

The Yamaha FD01S is a premium solid-top guitar with superior tone and projection. While suitable for intermediate to professional players, the FD01S is the perfect first guitar, providing an outstanding value that won’t break the bank. With a solid spruce top, this is a quality instrument that a first time player can grow with and enjoy for many years to come.

The instrument is beautiful, smells wonderful, plays and sounds terrific.Great for bluegrass picking. Bright and deep when needed. Craftsmanship is excellent. At this price, I would recommend it for a long time beginners guitar and beyond. One word of advice, this does not come with a case. Just because of the price doesn’t mean it should not be taken care of properly, including humidity control. BUY A CASE for it. It’s worth it.and also best acoustic guitar under $1000 in our list.

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4.Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

  • Gloss Natural
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Laminate Spruce top
  • Sapele back and sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Synthetic bone nut and saddle

The Jasmine S-34C is a stylish grand orchestra-style guitar with a rich, well-balanced sound and a graceful Venetian-style cutaway. The S-34C is an exceptional value guitar with high quality features and great tone.

Smooth satin finish to maximize resonance for optimal sound quality.Unique strap button positioning offers better balance and comfort while holding and playing your guitar.Cutaway design allows easy access to higher frets. A spruce top and agathis back and sides provide great tone and sound.

Perfect for any player seeking a well-built and easy-playing guitar, the S-34C features a select spruce top with Jasmine’s Advanced “X” Bracing, and sapele back and sides. The slim neck and full 25 1/2″ scale length provide comfortable feel and excellent playability, and the smooth satin finish maximizes resonance for optimal sound quality. Other great features include full body binding and chrome tuners.

Jasmine Guitars is focused on making great quality instruments at an exceptional value.

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5.Donner DAG-1B Black Beginner Acoustic Guitar Full Size, 41″ Dreadnought Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag Tuner Capo Picks Strap String

  • Full-size black 41 inch dreadnought body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music.
  • Right-hand design, spruce top and mahogany back and sides bring you richer and brighter sound.
  • 20 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 3th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets on neck and top of fingerboard.
  • Comes with gig bag, guitar strap, guitar capo, strings, digital clip-on tuner, polishing cloth and guitar picks, all the accessories you need to start playing right out of the box.

The Donner DAG-1B is a great-looking dreadnought acoustic guitar with a gig bag, bold sound and excellent features that represent exceptional value, and features a spruce top with scalloped bracing, mahogany back and sides, chrome tuner keys, a good quality brass strings.20 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 3th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets on neck and top of fingerboard.

The DAG-1B offers warm, vibrant, sound in your hands at a great pric with a choice of convenient and practical features that will have the beginning guitarist in your house strumming away in no time. Pick up it to join in the growing guitar fanfare! Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.

Full-size black 41 inch dreadnought body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music. Sounds terrific,Perfect low frequency, full mid frequency.this is best acoustic guitars under $1000. Both beginners and professionals can find their own fun.The smooth Nightfall Black Matte finish maximizes resonance for optimal sound quality.

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6.Amazon Basics Beginner Full-Size Acoustic Guitar with Strings, Picks, Tuner, Strap, and Case – 41-Inch, Spruce and Basswood

  • Beginner acoustic guitar; ideal for young musicians and newbie strummers alike
  • Smooth curves and a slim easy-to-play mahogany neck
  • Spruce and basswood construction for eye-catching beauty, long-lasting strength, and rich acoustic sound
  • Includes extra strings, picks, a tuner, a strap for playing when standing, and a carrying case for secure storage and transport
  • Measures 41.3 by 15.9 by 5.3 inches; weighs 4.2 pounds;

The package itself is really good for a beginner or someone who wants an acoustic to take on vacations, here and there to play when you want something to play. The gig bag is pretty good, not a really light one, but not a very heavy one, either. Just the right thickness to protect it. The tuner is nice, looks like it turns on when you clip it to the headstock of the guitar, then turns off when you take it off. The strap isn’t bad, and also includes an extra set of strings (which look to be 80/20 bronze strings) and picks.

After tuning it up, the neck feels good, sound is nice, warm and has good presence. It held tune pretty well, and will put it through a longer period of playing it soon.

this amazon basic guitar is the best acoustic guitars under $1000 in the market.Overall, it’s worth the money and is good for the starter or someone looking for good sound in a knockaround guitar.

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7.WINZZ 40 Inches Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Beginner Starter Bundle with Padded Bag, Stand, Tuner, Pickup, Strap, Picks, Black

  • FIRST CHOICE – Quality, Attractive, and Affordable, Winzz Auditorium acoustic guitar is great value for money that represent the best entry level guitar. Perfect size for adults, beginners and student guitarist and children over 11 years old
  • BALANCED SOUND – Handcrafted body and “X” bracing structure offers both bright and warm tone that has excellent acoustic properties and great extension and response
  • SMOOTH PLAY – High density wood fingerboard and bridge offers both sturdy construct and smooth touch that you can roll over the nickel silver frets freely. The Sealed Gear machine head keeps the strings in tune, and the dual – action truss rod allows fine adjustment of the guitar neck
  • EXQUISITE LOOK – With state of art crafting and assembling, hand rubbed finish, retro style, silky smooth body lines, white ABS binding, all together present an exquisite artwork
  • FULL OUTFIT – Includes high quality waterproof padded gig bag, clip on digital tuner, adjustable strap, 3 picks, wooden removable soundhole pickup and guitar stand, everything in a pack to start your splendid music journey.

Unique color pattern on the guitar top maybe differ slightly from what is shown in our pictures when you received, this is because the unique color design is 100% handmade by our experienced technicians using special craft.

To avoid damage in transportation, the guitar hasn’t been tuned yet, the clip-on digital tuner in the pack will help you with the tuning.
For new instrument, it’ll take time for the strings as well as the wood to adapt the pulling force and keep tune. It’s normal for that when the first few days, if cannot keep tune or out of tune easily while playing. Don’t worry.

Foldable guitar stand, convenient and durable. The folded size is only 15*3*3(inch), easily put into carry on Luggage – Perfect for Travel,Home,Work and Studio.Including non-slip fubber feet and ruber pad, protect your instrument well.

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8.Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package – Premium Tonewoods – Sunburst

  • Incredible sound: Perfect for musicians-in-the-making or advanced players, this guitar features an impressive tone, standout projection and incredible sonics. It’s waiting to be heard.
  • Fine hardwood construction: Guitar is made from X-braced, A-grade Spruce wood, known for its resiliency and versatility and Basswood for warmth. Whether playing soft or loud, strumming or flatpicking, the guitar remains responsive and retains its tonal integrity.
  • Thinline cutaway design: The body of this full-size (41″) guitar is cut away at the neck for better access and more comfortable playing of the top frets. It’s also thinline (3″ thick) which creates an unparalleled sound & aesthetic, and is lightweight for burdenless travel and playing.
  • Loaded with upgrades: On-board 4-band pickup/EQ (bass, mid-range, treble, and presence), two sets of upgraded phosphor bronze strings, and an ultra-glossy, tough-as-nails finish with chrome tuning pegs.
  • Complete kit: Bundle includes the Ashthorpe guitar, a soft nylon “gig bag” guitar case, thin, medium & heavy celluloid picks, on-board 4-band pickup EQ, guitar cable, a shoulder strap, an extra set of strings and an owner’s manual.

This bundle from Ashthorpe features a top-quality acoustic-electric guitar (can be played “Acoustic” without an amplifier, or “Electric” with an amplifier, not included). The guitar body is finely crafted from top-quality (A-grade) tonewoods; Spruce on top for its superior resilient and musical qualities, and Basswood (similar to Alder) is used for the back and sides for optimum tonal response and warmth.

The underside of the soundboard is X-braced for superb structural integrity. The neck is constructed from marine grade Okoume which is extremely strong and balanced. The body is a full size (41″) cutaway design, meaning the guitar body near the neck is cut back to allow easier access to the upper frets, making for more comfortable play.

This guitar is thinline (3″ thick) which combines unparalleled sound with great looks in a lightweight package. An integrated 4-band pickup equalizer with volume control knob gives you full tonal control when plugged into an amp (not included), and features adjustment slide controls for bass, mid-range, treble and presence. 

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9.Pyle 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar-3/4 Junior Size 6 Linden Wood Guitar w/Gig Bag, Tuner, Nylon Strings, Picks, Strap, for Beginners, Adults, Right, Natural (PGACLS82)

  • 36” BEGINNER GUITAR SET: Pyle brings you a complete all-in-one acoustic guitar set, everything you need to start playing. The guitar comes with a gig bag case, pitch pipe tuner, spare strings, pearloid picks, cleaning cloth, and a gift card
  • JUNIOR SCALE SIZE: A junior scale 6 string guitar perfect for use on lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances or when practicing at home. Has a traditional classic body style great for beginners and children learning to play guitar
  • HANDCRAFTED: The classical guitar features handcrafted construction w/ linden wood body, birch headstock, dyed maple wood fretboard, high gloss polished body back w/ protective binding, rosette linden laminate finish, chrome 3-in-line machine head
  • BEGINNER READY: This traditional junior classic acoustic stringed instrument kit is excellent for both beginner and children looking to start guitar playing. It brings you everything you need to start playing straight out of the box

The choice between a nylon-string guitar and a steel-string guitar comes down to personal preference. But for beginners, opting for a guitar with nylon strings could spell more convenience as it prevents fingers from getting hurt.The sturdiness of these guitars make them a good preference for frequent travelers and beginners.

As a newbie to string instruments, this guitar is perfect for you.Not only is it beautiful, but it sounds wonderful. It is very well put together and is comfortable to hold and play.

The included accessories are a major plus. The bag is very good quality. It has straps on the back (for your back) and a strap in the side for carrying it by hand. The guitar fits perfectly, and ypu don’t have to fight to get it in or out. The strap is better than any other straps that other string instruments. It’s wide and is extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The cloth is soft and gently cleans the guitar. The tuner is well-made and very easy to use.

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10.Sonart 41” Full Size Beginner Acoustic Guitar, Professional Customization Smooth Mirror Structure Steel String W/Case, Shoulder Strap, Pick, Extra Strings for Kids, Starters, 

  • This 41” acoustic guitar comes with a nylon case, a shoulder strap, a pick and an extra set of strings for replacement. Get a full set of equipment with one purchase.Mirror design is more advanced.
  • Suitable for Beginners – Features a full scale 6 strings guitar is great for beginners to learn to play the guitar.It’s very easy to use. And it is also perfect for using on guitar lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances, etc.
  • High Quality Strings – Our guitar strings are well received by our customers.The strings are made of high quality steel with good sound quality, stable pitch. It is especially suitable for beginners to learn to play guitar. You can make the rich sound by lightly plucking the string.
  • High Gloss Surface – Back and side panels made of high quality basswood, this guitar’s wooden structure bring you brighter sound.The guitar has a polished paint on the surface, which is very glossy and looks noble, allowing you to play smoothly.
  • Suitable as A Gift – If you want to buy a tasteful gift for your friend, it’s a good option for you. It’s a very good gift for guitar beginners.And no assembly required.

The back and side panels are made of high quality basswood to bring you the extra clean and bright sound. Beautiful shape, smooth lines.So you can go on with your performance by your favorite guitar on the guitar lessons, recitals, or band rehearsals.

The strings are made of high quality steel with good sound quality, stable pitch. It is especially suitable for beginners to learn to play guitar. You can make the rich sound by lightly plucking the string. The surface coating design can prevent your fingers from being hurt.

This guitar has a polished paint on the surface, the appearance is smooth and beautiful, which enhances the three-dimensionality of the guitar. And the smooth surface works perfectly in maximizing the resonance for optimal sound quality.

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These guitars offer a wide range of styles and styles for acoustic guitars, all crafted with durable craftsmanship. Some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners and advanced players under $1000 are also better than some. They include a variety of different models with different string styles, pickups, necks and strings.

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Hopefully this has given you a handy guide to the best acoustic guitars under $1000 and hopefully it’s a place to start.

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