SterloMax Ethanol based Sanitizer E-80 – 4 Pack x 500 ml Sanitizer with 2xFree Fresh Filter 6 Ply Anti-Pollution Reusable Valved Outdoor Masks

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Fresh filter masks are made from superior comfort and protection at all times. Featuring a unique six-layered filter system, and an around-the-head band the masks protect from harmful particles and diseases. A specially designed vent allows easy breathing while maintaining complete protection
Instant and Effective Germ Protection: SterloMax I-75 Professional works instantly within 15-30s by killing 99.9% bacteria and viruses causing illness including enveloped viruses. Sanitizing your hands with Sterlomax I-75 Professional protects you from germs transferred from direct contact with an infected person or from an external source
Prevents Drying even on repeat use: Contains Glycerol, which preserve skin moisture and protects skin against dryness; keeps hands soft even on repeated use.
Rinse, No Water: Ready to use, does not require any water, or towel drying, and can be used conveniently and as frequently as needed anytime, anywhere! It can it be used in dispenser machines, or with a spray machine

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